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Audi A6 Typ 4G (2011–2018) Workshop Manual / Electrical System

Audi A6 Typ 4G: Electrical System


 Electrical Equipment

 General, Technical data

Safety Precautions High Voltage Vehicles Safety Precautions   DANGER! Danger to life through high voltage. The high voltage system operates through high voltage. Electrocution can cause deat

 Battery, Starter, Generator, Cruise Control


 Manually switching the Start/Stop system off/on

Applies to: vehicles with Start/Stop system If you do not wish to use the system, you con switch it off manually. Fig. 81 Center console: Start/Stop system button To switch the Start/Stop system off/on manually, press the button. The LED in the button turns on when the system is switched off

 Valet Parking Lock Button -E536-, Removing and Installing

Removing - Remove the glove compartment. Refer to → Body Interior; Rep. Gr.68; Storage Compartments and Covers; Glove Compartment, Removing and Installing. - Open the retainers in direction of -arrows- and remove the valet parking lock button -2- forward. - Disconn

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