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Audi A6 Typ 4G (2011–2018) Workshop Manual

Audi A6 Typ 4G (2011–2018) Workshop Manual

Service Manual for the fourth generation C7 series Audi A6 (internally designated Typ 4G). Two gasoline engines and three TDI units are among the five potent and extremely efficient engines that Audi provides for the A6. The output of these power plants ranges from 130 kW (177 hp) to 220 kW (300 hp). Important innovations from the brand's modular efficiency platform, including the energy recovery system, start-stop system, and novel thermal management concept, are incorporated into all of these engines.



 Body Exterior

 General, Technical data



Overview - Fender 1 - Bolt 10 Nm Quantity: 2 2 - Lower Bracket For the fender Removing and installing. Refer to → Chapter "Lower Fender Bracket, Removing and Installing". 3 - Bolt 10 Nm Quantity: 2 4 - Seal 5 - Bolt 10 Nm Qu

 Actuator, Removing and Installing

Rear Lid Motor 1 -V444-, Removing and Installing, Sedan   WARNING Adapt the Rear Lid Motor 1 -V444- whenever it is removed and installed. Use Guided Functions in Guided Fault Finding and diagnostic address 6D. Refer to Vehicle Diagnostic Tester. 1 - Rear Lid Motor 1 -V444- Re

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