Audi A6 Owners & Service Manuals
Audi A6 Typ 4G (2011–2018) Owner's Manual

Audi A6 Typ 4G (2011–2018) Owner's Manual

Owner's Manual for the fourth generation C7 series Audi A6 (internally designated Typ 4G), an executive car made by the German automaker Audi.



 Cockpit overview

Controls at a glance Fig. 1 Cockpit: Left section Fig. 2 Cockpit: Right section Door handle Side assist display Central locking switch Memory function buttons Side assist button Air vents wit

 Instruments and indicator lights


 Sunroof Seals, Removing and Installing

Sunroof Seals, Removing and Installing, Sedan Procedure - Sunroof panel -3- removed. - Remove panel seal -2- from sunroof panel -3-. - Push new panel seal into sunroof panel -3- starting at rear of panel edge in center.   Note Coat the edge of the panel with soapy water to mak

 System Description - DRC

The DRC counteracts the pitching and rolling motions of the vehicle body around the longitudinal and cross axles and thus optimizes the vehicle driving characteristics. Switchable DRC with variable damping is installed in Audi RS models. In addition to reducing the pitching and rolling motions of

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